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Urunus in the Houses

Uranus shows that area of the life in which strong urges for individuality and freedom of expression are shown. In this house you should expect sudden and unexpected changes to occur during your life. Uranus brings radical behavior caused by your actions, the action of others, or by circumstances over which you have no control.

First House
Uranus resides in the first house exerting its erratic behavior in the personality. This placement suggests that you may often be said to "march to a different drummer." Individuality is very strong in your nature, and you want freedom in your personal behavior. People may view you as eccentric, very unusual, or preferably, somewhat advanced. You are eccentric in many ways, and common sense doesn't always figure in your actions. The positive side of this placement is that you are very inventive. Yet all too often, a willful nature and impulsiveness restrict your progress and effectiveness.

Second House
Uranus resides in the second house denoting erratic behavior in this house of material affairs. This placement often shows recurring unforeseen circumstances upsetting financial affairs. You'll experience ups and downs in money conditions. A need for independence, in a financial sense, may prompt you to go into business for yourself. Whether you do or not, your income is not likely to be fixed and stable.

Third House
Uranus resides in third house bestowing its erratic behavior in that part of the chart associated with your thinking and method of communicating, as well as your early school life endeavors. This placement also has an association to your interactions with brothers, sisters and other relatives. It suggests a willfulness and a rebellious nature, especially in the early part of life. Yours is a very spontaneous mind that may be involved with advanced or new age thinking. You are apt to have frequent upsets in dealing with your brothers, sister, other relatives and acquaintances. Short trips and excursions are rarely planned; the urge just strikes, and you go.

Fourth House
Uranus in the fourth house exerts its erratic behavior in the home and base of operation. This placement shows the possibility of sudden upsets or changes in the home life. There is a tendency to seek a sense of freedom in the home environment; to want to come and go as you please. In some ways, the living conditions will be different or unusual, and counter to family traditions.

Fifth House
Uranus in the fifth house exerts its erratic behavior in house of love affairs, personal creativity, offspring, and dealings with children. The placement shows you are a highly inventive and creative person. Yet you may need to learn self-control, and perhaps gain a better sense of self-knowledge. You can be reckless and foolhardy. Urges toward speculation can be costly. You have strong urges to be free and independent. Your offspring possess many of these same characteristics. They can cause you much trouble unless you channel their energies in the right direction at an early age. Romantic involvement occurs in sudden and unconventional ways, and breaks are also sudden and unexpected.

Sixth House
Uranus in the sixth house exerts its erratic behavior in the area of your chart associated with the work environment and with health issues. This placement produces trouble when the nature of the work is routine. You must have change and the opportunity to express your original ideas for improving the work place. You are the type that has to learn the hard way to do what you're told, no more or no less. At times you may work yourself into a nervous condition, and at other times, you fight the job all the way. You are a highly inventive employee, but one who is bound to have problems with the boss, and sudden breaks and changes in work may be expected. When it comes to health and diet, you're an experimenter, trying new diets and health fads.

Seventh House
Uranus resides in the seventh house bringing its erratic behavior in this house of marriage and partnerships. This placement often shows the marriage or other partnership affiliations are with persons who are in most ways very different from yourself. Major unexpected changes can occur in partnership arrangements, including your marriage. You may marry on the spur of moment and be inclined to part just as suddenly. You must consciously strive to develop long term commitments as you are very independent. Relationship flourish when major upsets and unexpected changes can be accepted and absorbed.

Eighth House
Uranus positioned in the eighth house exerts its erratic behavior in this house associated with joint resources, corporate funds, and legacies. This placement suggests strong psychic feelings and a keen intuition. Joint finances and investments are subject to erratic ups and downs, and all types of business relationships are subject to sudden changes and swings. Unexpected legacies are often a product of this position.

Ninth House
Uranus in the ninth house exerts its erratic behavior in matter of higher thought, law, religion, philosophy and travel. This placement denotes a liberal and advanced philosophy of life. You have an intuitive, socialistic and utopian outlook. Your mind never seems to function along conventional paths, and you are more than willing to put aside customs of the past favoring new ideas. When it comes to traveling, you are independent and adventurous, enjoying long trips to exotic places.

Tenth House
Uranus in the tenth house denotes erratic behavior in the career and in the way the public views your actions. This placement denotes unique and offbeat approaches to the career. You must be your own boss if you are going to avoid clashes with people in command. Flashes of insight make it clear how the job should be done and you proceed following this insight, despite what anyone else wants or thinks. You are never afraid to make decisions and take authoritative action. It is always important for you to have much independence in your professional endeavors.

Eleventh House
Uranus in the eleventh house exerts its erratic behavior in this house of your hopes and wishes, and with friends and associations. This placement suggests that your life's goals and ambitions can change in a sudden and unpredictable fashion. You have some difficulty making up your mind and settling into your life work. You make friends easily but keep a distance and probably have few close relationships. Your friends tend be freethinking and forward looking, and with them, you promote liberal and progressive causes.

Twelfth House
Uranus in the twelfth house exerts its erratic behavior in the area relating to your subconscious mind. This placement suggests a subconscious feeling of "cabin fever" that may inhibit your strong urge to feel totally free and independent. You may be a loner that works best by yourself. Your investigative skills, and perhaps even psychic abilities, can be valuable assets. You need to accept life as you find it, and avoid setting up subconscious oppositions.

URANUS IN THE HOUSES 1st some irregularity regarding physique, or unusual features and unconventional ideas and personality. 2nd causes sudden happenings in affections, person and business - many unpredictable happenings in one's life indicating need for feeling more at the helm of circumstances. 3rd sudden changes of mind and mental interests and involvements - particularly unusual nature - inventive mind sometimes amounting to genius - 'lateral' thought processes. 4th apt to be big upheavals and changes in the home and family, residences etc. 5th possesses unusual talents and associates - often creative with flair and originality. 6th work must be totally absorbing with total freedom to fulfil the individual's needs. 7th unusual partnerships and relationships in marriage possibly ending in separation or divorce.- erratic circumstances.- unconventional or rebellious social attitudes. 8th unsettled conditions in finance or those of your partners, impulsive, erratic moves to be avoided. 9th unusual adventures of the mind rather that the body - scientific explorations into wider territories but also physical travel with unusual purpose. 10th often called upon for leadership of some kind. 11th introduces different friends and changes which will affect your thinking and lifestyle - foreigners - unconventional. 12th Inclines one to deep thought and sudden revelations of occult nature or abstract - or danger of involvement in illegal activities.
Uranus in 1st House

With a First House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an inherent need for constant change, new experience and adventure. Personal freedom of action is all-important to you. Unusual, eccentric, versatile, restless, intelligent and intuitive you have a stimulating affect on others, although, at times you may be regarded as odd, peculiar, eccentric and many years ahead of the times. You are likely to be attracted to such subjects as astrology, occultism, hypnotism, spiritualism, psychic research, New Age healing, telepathy, Free Masonry, inventions and electrical gadgetry. Many changes of residence and occupation are likely. Various strange and unexpected personal crises will promote life-experience and character growth.

Uranus in 2nd House

With a Second House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through original and ingenious ways of making money - possibly through hi-tech inventions, unique occupations, electronics or unusual scientific avenues of endeavour. However, your attitude to wealth and financial matters is totally unconventional - precipitating many changes in fortune, financial ups and downs and other unexpected crises. Money is often gained through friends, associations or the government.

Uranus in 3rd House

With a Third House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an original, intellectual, inventive, ingenious, unconventional and unusual mind. A natural free-thinker you will explore new ideas and new areas of knowledge without becoming influenced by other people s biased opinions. Your curiosity is likely to extend to things mystical, New Age, occult, extraordinary, profound and ancient. You may become involved with some form of social or mental reforms. Travel will be an important feature. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Uranus in 4th House

With a Fourth House Uranus you will seek individual freedom of expression through an unusual home or family life. Many unexpected changes of residence and unusual experiences within the home environment are likely.

Uranus in 5th House

With a Fifth House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through inventive and creative activity, unusual pleasures or an unconventional love life. There is a liking for odd, new or daring pleasures, or unusual places of amusement. Some danger through speculation, risk-taking or games of chance. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Uranus in 6th House

With a Sixth House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through analytical, unusual and intellectually-stimulating work such as computer programming, electrical engineering or positions requiring originality and inventiveness. With this placing you are, in effect, serving the future-in-the-making. Expect many unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues. Health problems may relate to overwork, nervous strain, neurosis or peculiar mental disorders that are little understood and hard to treat.

Uranus in 7th House

With a Seventh House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through marriage, business partnership or interpersonal relationships. You are sure to attract unusual and stimulating associates - possessing intuition, originality, creativity and potential genius. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Uranus in 8th House

With an Eighth House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an interest in unusual forms of occult work or through original ways of viewing life-after-death issues. It is probable that you will experience peculiar psychic states, vivid dreams and something of the astral world. There can be sudden and unexpected benefits and gains through your marriage or business partner or an unexpected inheritance. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Uranus in 9th House

With a Ninth House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression by revolutionising the mind through travels abroad or through intellectual paths of original physical, religious, philosophic, metaphysical, scientific or spiritual discovery. An inherent intuitive facility and your original progressive ideas may give a potential for genius. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Uranus in 10th House

With a Tenth House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through original and unusual concepts for social or professional organisation - possibly relating to hi-tech, electronic, scientific, occult, humanitarian or New Age work. A strange and eventful career is indicated with many important changes of location and social position. All effort is made for freedom and to undo and overthrow all bonds of limitation. You can be very independent, erratic, eccentric and unconventional. This could lead to difficulties with employers and opposition from public or governmental bodies. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Uranus in 11th House

With an Eleventh House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an involvement in unusual and original social, political or cultural groups dedicated to social reform or revolution. Dynamic, stimulating friendships transform your ideas and ideals. Your friends may be regarded as peculiar, unusual or extraordinary in some way - geniuses, inventors, writers, New Age promoters, occultists, government executives, etc. There may be sudden and unexpected benefits from such friends enabling you to progress towards your personal hopes and wishes. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Uranus in 12th House

With a Twelfth House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through secret study, romantic affairs or the practice of unusual subjects. Inner subconscious urges force you to attempt a kind of spiritual rebirth that brings you into contact with universal forces - through mysterious attractions, occult investigations, psychic and mystical experiences. Expect much change, sudden happenings and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.
Você provavelmente nasceu em circunstâncias incomuns que de algum modo criaram em você a mentalidade de um estranho. Não aceitou facilmente a influência paterna, preferindo fazer suas próprias regras à medida que avança. Tende a mostrar suas opiniões fazendo o oposto do que se espera de você. Tem sobre os demais uma influência um tanto perturbadora, já que gosta de provocar mudanças em seu meio. No entanto, quanto mais extremos forem seu estilo de vida e opiniões, mais tenderá a sentir-se alienado. Você anda na delicada corda bamba entre gerar a renovação tão desejada ou simplesmente perturbar os demais. No entanto, pode ser amado e provavelmente terá um amplo leque de amigos. Como não acredita em favoritismo de qualquer que seja a forma ou o modo, pode atrair pessoas muito incomuns para a sua esfera de influência. Em assuntos ligados a parcerias, você insiste em liberdade pessoal.
Você tem muitas características de caráter incomum e original e orgulha-se dos elementos especiais da sua vida. Você tem um estilo provocativo e deseja renovar o seu ambiente pessoal. Do ponto de vista profissional você não se adapta a um trabalho que restrinja o seu estilo e prefere trabalhar por conta própria. Você tem talentos inventivos, interesses globais e uma necessidade de novidades imprevisíveis no seu dia-a-dia. Você tem talento para ou interesses pouco tradicionais ou futuristas. Talvez também tenha talentos técnicos ou interesse em assuntos espirituais - mas em tudo o que faz, você precisa sentir que tem um papel especial, talvez um pouco à margem da sociedade. Devem ser esperadas mudanças súbitas e radicais em sua vida profissional. A atração por locais exóticos pode trazer viagens.





Você provavelmente gostou de expressar sua individualidade de modo um tanto não convencional quando criança, talvez porque sentia-se de algum modo um estranho. Sente-se vivo quando dá o primeiro passo para a auto-expressão. Pode ser atraído por aventura e esportes ousados e os riscos o estimulam. Em assuntos do coração, inclina-se para atrações magnéticas súbitas com pessoas anti-convencionais e casos amorosos podem ser caracterizados por separações e viagens. Empolgação e a possibilidade de mudanças são mais importantes para você do que segurança ou sexualidade. Está pronto para experimentar quando o assunto é amor. Circunstâncias incomuns estão ligadas às crianças em sua vida. As crianças são suas amigas. Você as trata de igual para igual e não se sente seu proprietário, ou que elas lhe devam alguma coisa. Como liberdade é importante para você, talvez não queira ter filhos. Porém, se tiver, os educará de modo anti-convencional. Está habilitado para criar crianças que não sejam biologicamente as suas próprias.
No campo profissional você consegue projetar a sua identidade de um modo original e inspirar os outros por sua capacidade ímpar de ser e de utilizar talentos pouco tradicionais. Você sabe quando vale a pena arriscar e consegue inspirar a criatividade latente das pessoas. Você também consegue especial com crianças que não se sentem integradas. Caso trabalhe com criatividade sentirá uma forte necessidade de chocar e de provocar, chegando a extremes para expressar as suas qualidades especiais.




Você gosta de manifestar-se e demonstrar seus talentos de modo único, o que pode torná-lo uma pessoal um tanto incomum e instigante na sociedade. Provavelmente herdou essa propensão de um de seus pais. Mudanças radicais e inesperadas em sua infância despertaram em você um sentido do imprevisível. Sabe que não pode confiar em estabilidade em assuntos profissionais ou domésticos, o que lhe dá uma atitude mental flexível ou experimental diante da vida. Em assuntos de parcerias, você gostaria de apoio em sua necessidade de dar um sentido original à sua vida e de ligar-se a um parceiro que aceite sua dedicação a um papel no qual tem status diametralmente oposto aos olhos dos demais. Pode ter talentos técnicos ou para engenharia.
Você terá satisfação na sua carreira quando sentir que está trabalhando com algo realmente original. Você pode ter um interesse profissional em questões voltadas para o futuro, tecnologia moderna, viagens internacionais ou assuntos humanitários. Se seu trabalho for muito convencional, você fica facilmente chateado - tem necessidade de algo empolgante. É difícil aceitar a liderança dos outros e como é um inovador, você deseja ver as coisas velhas feita de um modo novo. Isto pode provocar conflitos profissionais que podem resultar em mudança radical de carreira - sobretudo por volta dos 42 anos de idade. Em algum ponto da sua vida, talvez você deixe de ser empregado e passe a trabalhar por conta própria em uma área pouco tradicional, ligada talvez a assuntos espirituais. Mas enquanto estiver empregado, pode ser necessário aprender a partir da experiência profissional dos outros em vez tentar fazer mudanças.

Você busca inspiração em amizades incomuns, estando mais interessado nos benefícios espirituais da companhia dos demais do que na necessidade de segurança ou de ser mais um na multidão. Você prefere o papel de estranho, porque experiências na infância, em seus anos de escola, podem tê-lo alienado do ponto de vista social e deixaram-lhe pouco tempo para o falso conforto do grupo. No entanto, é grandemente beneficiado pelo contato com grupos de conscientização. Sente-se atraído por pessoas que se destacam na multidão, pessoas provenientes do exterior, de culturas diferentes ou cujas opiniões e estilo de vida sejam provocativos, e embora possa criar laços de amizade com este tipo de pessoas, são laços frouxos e caracterizados por longos períodos de desavença. Fatos chocantes ou imprevisíveis chegam por intermédio de amigos. Amigos podem às vezes romper o contato sem prevenir, talvez porque o achem emocionalmente distante, ou porque goste de pessoas incapazes de criar laços emocionais profundos.
Você tem a capacidade para integrar alguns conceitos revolucionários sobre empresa social em sua carreira. Estando bastante insatisfeito com o estado atual social, tem uma visão de reforma na qual são distribuídos benefícios sociais em uma base mais justa. Talvez você venha a se associar a empresas mais progressistas, voltadas à interesses de grupos especiais. Seu papel nestes assuntos é mais como catalisador que de organizador - você consegue animar as pessoas e introduzir uma era de mudança pois tem capacidade de identificar estruturas sociais que impedem o desenvolvimento. Você tem a capacidade para trabalhar com pessoas de outros países que se sentem estrangeiras, e talvez tenha talento para trabalho espiritual.

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