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Saturno = olhos = eu controlo

Caution and fear, contraction. Also ambition and determination. Without the obstacles of Saturn, we would never grow. Saturn is strongly placed in the horoscopes of doctors, research scientists, and business people. The sign position shows what we need to feel safe and secure, and what we fear that we will never have enough of. Since this is where we tend to be fearful, we become nervous and tend to “mess up”, or never try at all. This is the quality that frequently comes across as “bad luck”. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn.
In Greek Mythology Saturn was Chronos, the god whose name means time. Saturn is also known as the Old Man, The Finger of God, and The Father of the zodiac.
Saturn rules old age, maturity, time, and its effects on our lives. Saturn has long been viewed as evil; the planet that brings difficult limitations, separations, responsibilities, and even death. Modern astrology has opened up a new window by which to view Saturn.
Saturn does set boundaries and limitations in your horoscope. Saturn in your chart will show where you are most resistant to change but also where you are most disciplined. Saturn can be a great teacher as it is through limitation and responsibility that we mature. Saturn is a crucial planet in the over all development of mankind. Without Saturn there would be no limitations or boundaries. Saturn denies us self-gratification and forces us to wait. You should expect hard work and discipline to be a major theme during your transiting Saturn period. Though often challenging, the energy of Saturn will force you to grow up wherever it touches your chart and those that play by the rules will find their Saturn period personally rewarding once the intense energy has passed.
Saturn has rulership over the feminine sign of Capricorn; the 10th house ruler in the natural zodiac and the ambitious and practical planet of achievement. It signifies determination, hard work and the perseverance we need to achieve our goals.
Saturn rules the bones, teeth, and skin. Saturn stays in each sign approximately 2 1/2 years and takes an average of 29 years to complete the zodiac. Most of us will experience our first Saturn return (where Saturn was at your time of birth) between the ages of 28-30 and have no more than three Saturn transits in our lifetime. Wherever Saturn is currently transiting in your chart, you should expect those themes to be repeated every 29 years.

Saturn in the Houses

Agriculture, archaeology, architecture, bones, cattle, civil service, death, domination, fatigue, history, land, leather, minerals, monogamy, monotony, obstacles, old age, perseverance, restriction, Saturday, self control, time, twilight, underground, widows, yesterdays. Old Father Time, Traditions, history, stability, authority, order, mines, death

Saturno representa o limite, a estrutura necessária à realização.
No mapa indica o setor de restrição, limitação, onde você será exigido ao máximo melhorar a si mesmo. Denota sua cruz, seu karma, porém com a idéia de Madre Teresa de que uma cruz não deve ser arrastada e sim erguida, pois com ela nos erguemos também.
Saturno quando expressado de forma negativa traz a chatice, a frieza, a indisciplina, a irresponsabilidade e a avareza. Enquanto na forma positiva faz nascer disciplina, a estrutura, a realização e a responsabilidade.
É o tempo que tudo consome. Na mitologia é representado por Cronos (matou o pai e devorava os filhos).

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