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Urano = ouvido

Your originality and drive for freedom. This is the “Rebel” planet. It opposes the established order simply because it is an established order. Besides, it thinks it can do a better job. When Uranus is strong in the horoscope, we get people who are considered geniuses, eccentrics, cranks, or insane by the society they live in. These people have a strong tendency to shock and upset others, even when they don’t seem to want to. Examples are Isadora Duncan and Lenny Bruce. Politicians with Uranus strongly placed tend to overthrow the “establishment” only to build a new, frequently more oppressive order. Don’t vote for them! As an example, take a look at the horoscope of Adolph Hitler. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius.
Uranus was discovered in 1781. Before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. Traditional Astrologers do not use the newly discovered planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) as they are only seen in the sky by modern methods and not by the eye, although Uranus can be seen with keen eyesight on a clear night if you know where to look. Modern Astrologers utilize these planets, as there is overwhelming evidence of their significance in the horoscope.
Uranus is known as the rebel of the zodiac. Whereas Saturn plays by the rules, Uranus says rules are made to be broken regardless of the consequences. Uranus is the planet of independence and personal freedom. Uranus can show you where you dare to be different by its placement in your horoscope. Uranus is the planet of surprise, ruling all things unexpected. Uranus in your chart will show you where you are determined to have freedom of expression. Where Uranus transits an area (house) of your horoscope, is where you will surprise even yourself at the things you will do. Strong Uranus types have been called the wild cards of the Zodiac, different, eccentric, unconventional, brilliant, and even unstable. As with all of the planets, the affects of Uranus and how its energy is manifested depends on the planetary aspects and the horoscope as a whole.
Uranus rules earthquakes and other natural disasters. Originality, inventions, cutting edge technology, future events, revolutions, science, and electricity are all governed by the planet Uranus.
Uranus has rulership over Aquarius and 11th house in the natural horoscope.
Uranus rules the circulatory and involuntary nervous system.
Uranus spends an average of 7 years in each sign and takes approximately 84 years to complete the zodiac. Once you have had Uranus in an area of your chart, it is not likely to transit that area again in your lifetime.

Uranus in the Houses

Attraction, break-ups, chaos, disruption, divorce, earthquakes, eccentric, exciting, fanatical, freedom, major change, outrageous, quirky, rebellious, revolutionary, shocks, sudden, surprises, unconventional, unprecedented, unpredictable, unusual, changes, revolutions, anarchy, innovations, technology, earthquakes

Urano representa o próprio céu, sem limites, a criatividade.
No mapa indica seu lado criativo, inventor, original e excêntrico.
Urano quando expressado da forma negativa faz nascer a enjoada, a abusada, a anarquista, a revoltada sem causa. Enquanto na forma positiva faz nascer o idealismo, o fraternal servindo de sinalizador para as outras pessoas. Símbolo de uma proliferação criadora sem medida e sem diferenciação.

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