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Pisceans are impressionable and inspirational. They are those who are born into a sign that is out of this world, and they often have difficulty coping with worldly life. The symbol is two fishes swimming in opposite directions tied together with a rope, or, in other versions, by their tales.
The keyphrase of Pisces is "I believe".
Pisces is like Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, in that it is a restless, adaptable and synthesising sign. Pisceans are often caring, sensitive and nurturing people who make good counsellors. In this, they are like Cancer and Scorpio. Roberto Assagioli had his sun in Pisces.
Pisces is an outward directed sign, and Pisces are mature other-concerned people. They are concerned with universal emotions and are psychic. Edgar Cayce was a Piscean.
They are open, loving and warm people who show compassion. They are often artistic and have a sense of rhythm, both in dance and language. Handel had his sun sign in Pisces, as did George Harrison, Rudolf Nureyev, and Johnny Cash.
Pisceans are visionary and creative. David Livingstone and Albert Einstein were both Pisceans.
Pisceans can be susceptible to addiction. Aleister Crowley had his moon in Pisces.
Gifts and Lessons
Pisceans teach us compassion, imagination, forgiveness and tolerance.
They need to learn to be more self-oriented and more assertive. They can learn to be more honest and straightforward.
Parts of the Body
Pisces rules the feet, the toes, and the fibrin of the blood.

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