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Sun in the Eighth House: usually means a dramatic, fiery approach to sex. If you are going out with someone who has this, start with a back rub. The Sun’s house position is where we can fulfill ourselves. Well it doesn’t have to be exclusively through sex. You could also do it through taking up a healing profession (the eighth house covers rehabilitation) or management of other people’s resources (professions such as investment banking and the like).
Moon in the Eighth House: dinner first is a must. Cuddling helps. There is an emotional need to heal and nurture. Moon in the second house wants to accumulate its own money and possessions. Moon in the eighth gives an emotional need to manage and control the resources of others.
Mercury in the Eighth House: will never be turned on by a silent person. Talk first. Lots of talk. Mercury in the second house talks and thinks about money. Mercury in the eighth talks and thinks about sex, health (rehabilitation), and other people’s money and resources.
Venus in the Eighth House: needs charm. Put them in beautiful surroundings. Venus in the second house wants to enjoy luxurious possessions. Venus in the eighth house wants those possessions to be provided by a someone else.
Mars in the Eighth House: planet of action. They’ll put the moves on you. Be prepared for lots of physical activity. One exception. If their Mars happens to be in the sign of Gemini, expect the original minuteman (or woman). Those with this placement have to be extra careful with credit cards (Mars is an impulsive shopper and the eighth house is other people’s money; this includes credit matters).
Jupiter in the Eighth House: is generally free and open in the sexual area. There is a tendency to be "turned on" by foreigners or those from totally different backgrounds. Credit can come too easily here. Watch out for a tendency to borrow too much. When it comes to social values, Jupiter is usually conventional and insists that the rules be obeyed---by others, not necessarily by they themselves
Saturn in the Eighth House: wants control. I call this one the "I tie you up, you tie me up" position. No, Saturn here does not deny sex. It just wants to plan and control it and is generally not spontaneous. Saturn here can cause difficulties and delays with credit matters and inheritances. Because of early problems in this area, those with Saturn in the eighth house are frequently sticklers about these things. If you have Saturn in the eighth house, you probably manage other people’s money better than you manage your own and are firm on social rules.
Uranus in the Eighth House: never likes to do the same thing twice in a row. I call this one the "But Honey, we did the chandeliers last night" position. This one tends to break social rules and taboos on principle. Of course, after the old rules are overthrown, Uranus wants to replace them with new rigid rules of its own making.
Neptune in the Eighth House: two glasses of wine maximum and this one is yours. If you’re business partners with a Neptune in the eighth house person, YOU manage the money. If you yourself have this placement, learn to watch your partners. Neptune is where we get into trouble because we don’t want to be bothered by something that not "spiritual" (reality).
Pluto in the Eighth House: I hope you’re in great physical shape and your medical insurance is paid up. You’ll need that if you get involved with a Pluto in the eighth house person. Those with Pluto here have to take care that sexual activity does not become compulsive. When it comes to other people’s money or partnership resources, take care to avoid "power trips", to avoid underhanded methods to seize control just to feel strong.


8 A sexualidade. Os recursos dos outros. Os segredos. Os mundos subterrâneos. As transformações. A psicologia. O misticismo. Os Investimentos. As heranças. O nascimento. A morte. O poder sobre os outros. O autocontrole. A intensidade. A profundidade.

Sex, death, rebirth (in the sense of regeneration). Since this is opposite the 2nd house (which rules YOUR money, possessions, and values) the 8th house rules other people’s money, possessions, and values, your ability to utilize the possessions of others for your own ends. By extension, it rules insurance and tax matters, as well as the influence that the values of others have on you (social values). It can also indicate what influence, if any, you can have on the values of those around you, including the society you live in. As far as sex goes, the 5th house may rule romance, but the 8th house gets down to the sex act itself, your style of sex, your tastes, what turns you on. This includes any fetish you may have. Now you see why astrology readings are confidential. By the way, if you like to play music during sex and you happen to get involved with someone who has the planet Mars in the 8th house AND the sign of their Mars is Gemini, well the music you should play is the Minute Waltz! This house corresponds to the 8th sign, Scorpio, sign of sex, death, regeneration, and other people’s money.
Traditionally known as the house of rebirth and regeneration, this house is symbolized by the Phoenix rising up from the ashes. The eight house covers birth, death, decay, surgery, healing, wills, gifts, inheritance, credit, legacies, other people's money, your partner's money, child support, taxes, investments, the clearing away in order to make room for the new, reincarnation, sex and attitudes towards sex. As sex is a gift of giving one's self to another, so sex is found in the 8th house.
Scorpio is the sign that governs the 8th house in the natural zodiac.


This is the house of Sex. Well, what you might call "biological energy"(just a metaphor, folks; don’t take it literally). Sex is just one possible outlet. This house shows one’s sexual tastes. The fifth house is romance. The eighth house is more physical and basic. House eight also shows the effect of social rules ( the rules of the society or social group you belong to) on you as well as the effect you can have on the values of those around you. It also indicates the access you may have to other people’s money and resources.
Community resources, sex, ultimate issues and financial institutions are part of this house. It concerns birth, death and rebirth, reincarnation, healing, the occult, other people's resources (money) including credit cards, taxes, partner's resources, wills, inheritance, insurance, taxes, unearned money, recycling, garbage, pollution, losses, renunciation, letting go. It is said to indicate the manner of death. It is concerned with power, power over others and self control. That it rules the sex organs and the anus shows how some of the items above fit in. The second house indicates your resources, and the eighth indicates other people's resources, particularly those of the first partner.

Setor da morte nossa de cada dia. A mudança, as coisas inesperadas, as grandes perdas para ressurgimento de novas. Perdas emocionais, desprendimento de emoções que acumulamos. Onde as coisas velhas têm que dar espaço às novas. Educação para aprender a perder. Perda dos excessos, da bagagem, retirada do peso excessivo. Aprofundamento, regeneração e aproveitamento. Princípio da alquimia – transformação. O medo de investigar e saber o que você tem que jogar fora. A morte significa deixar pra trás aquilo que havíamos nos esforçado pra conseguir. Matar o velho e fazer nascer o novo. Liberar a bagagem que não nos serve mais.
Grandes crises, lugar de renascimento, envolvida com planos que favorecem o crescimento espiritual. Os problemas não resolvidos, virão inevitavelmente à superfície, aqui nada fica escondido. Conflitos com nosso próprio sistema de crenças, mas necessários para evolução individual.

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