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Netuno = inspiração (fonte inspiradora) = eu refino

Where we see the world through “rose-colored glasses”. Where we see what we want to see. This is the planet of imagination as well as illusion. If Neptune is strongly placed in the horoscope, the person is most likely to be considered imaginative and sensitive. Negatively, there is a potential for substance abuse. Once more, I must emphasize that the whole horoscope must be analyzed before jumping to conclusions. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces.
Neptune was discovered in 1846 and is another slow orbiting planet. Due to the nature of the slower orbiting planets, they influence entire generations.
In Greek Mythology Neptune was Poseidon, God of the Sea. Neptune rules all things related to the ocean such as boats, fishing and marine life. It rules mist (of water) and things that are hidden. The next time you are daydreaming, think of Neptune. Neptune represents the side of you that delights in illusion. As the modern ruler of the feminine sign of Pisces, the sign that governs the 12th house, Neptune has a spiritual side. Spiritually and what we believe in is often hidden and yet we have faith in that which we cannot see. Neptune can offer us inspiration and the ability to see beyond our own eyes. Neptune can cause confusion as often we do not see the complete picture, as is the case when we wear "rose colored glasses". Neptune in your chart is also where you will find an amazing sense of compassion for the less fortunate.
Neptune governs dreams, trances, hypnosis, drugs, alcohol, illusion and escapism. There are two sides to Neptune, illusion and disillusion; life is either full of meaning or it's pointless and it is Neptune that wears that mask.
Neptune spends approximately 14 years in each sign and takes 165 years to complete the zodiac.
Neptune in the Houses

Alcohol, art, confusion, cynicism, deception, deep, disguise, disillusionment, dissolving, dreams, drink, drugs, escapism, fraud, ideas, imagination, instability, music, mystery, mysticism, oceans, poisoning, sea, smoke-screen, socialism, softness, transcendence, veil, water, yearnings, reform, ideals, trends, art

Netuno representa a fé, a inspiração, uma parte de um todo, a sua antena com o Universo.
No mapa indica sua antena de ligação, o canal, a comunhão com o Universo.
Netuno quando expressado de forma negativa faz nascer a interferência, a confusão, a ilusão, a perturbação e os vícios, a busca de algo que preencha. Enquanto na forma positiva faz nascer a intuição, a inspiração e a confiança na força maior.
Na mitologia netuno é o Deus dos Mares, aquele que se isola onde nada o perturba.

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