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Roda da Fortuna in the Houses

Part of Fortune in 1st House

Part of Fortune in the First House suggests that your greatest success will come by developing independence and self-sufficiency - meeting life experience with individual initiative and not being dependent on the views of others.

Part of Fortune in 2nd House

Suggests that you need to discover what is of real value to you. Money and the things it will buy are of extreme importance, but only insofar as how your possessions reflect true value. You can be extremely lucky with money if it truly reflects a sincere value. Eventually you will develop an ability to see what is personally meaningful and necessary.

Part of Fortune in 3rd House

You will have the ability to meet the obstacles found within your immediate environment and deal effectively with them. Developing the ability to think clearly is what will bring your greatest fortune.

Part of Fortune in 4th House

The feeling for home and roots will be strong. Happiness will come through building an emotional foundation strong enough to support future growth. This position gives the possibility of finding fulfilment in a broader way through identification with a social, professional or national whole.

Part of Fortune in 5th House

Success usually comes from the growth of creative abilities, or in a will to power. Great joy comes from being deeply and intensely involved in all that you are able to create. With this placing you must be very discriminating with your choice of friends.

Part of Fortune in 6th House

Happiness may be found in work, self-improvement and self-discipline. You will be at your best during times of crisis because of an ability to take the correct action. Great joy will come from developing your natural abilities and using them constructively in whatever field of work or service you may be involved.

Part of Fortune in 7th House

Happiness is found in important human relationships that give a sense of direction and meaning to life. With this placing, luck and good fortune usually come through other people.

Part of Fortune in 8th House

Happiness will come through your ability for financial management, especially other people s financial affairs - such as banking, contractual agreements, business, marriage, etc. Luck and good fortune will be bestowed on you by other people.

Part of Fortune in 9th House

Happiness will come from a search for truth and the deep study of such subjects as sociology, psychology, religion and metaphysical law. There is also a possibility of distant travels.

Part of Fortune in 10th House

You will seek happiness through accomplishment and in fulfilling a constructive role in society.

Part of Fortune in 11th House

You may have the urge to be a reformer or pioneer of new social, cultural or spiritual values. Happiness will come from contact with bright, intelligent people or friends who stimulate your imagination with inspired ideas and noble concepts.

Part of Fortune in 12th House

You may find happiness in accepting and thus transforming or dissolving your Karma to complete a cycle of experience. The achievements of this cycle may become the seeds or foundation of a new cycle. In an 'occult' sense, you may even find it possible to reach 'personal immortality', so that what you are as a formed mind is able to survive the disintegration of the physical body. You will find great happiness and joy through periods of solitude for meditation and attunement with your inner self.
Part of Fortune in the Houses
1st House
Your joy will come from trusting in your own unique approach to life and acting independently. Cultivate self-sufficiency and the ability to focus your energy like an arrow toward its target and don't allow anything to distract your aim. Avoid the web of the superficial. Your ultimate fortune is in the discovery of all that comprises your self.
2nd House
Your joy will come from manifesting what it is you truly value. But first you will have to discover what that is. You will know it because it will be that which abides, unaffected by the changing tides of life. You can be very fortunate materially and in endeavors which are founded in your sincere values. Cultivate a strong sense of what is meaningful and of value to you and discover your hidden talents and skills.
3rd House
Your joy is in communication and just being with people. You are gifted with the ability to think clearly and to make communication a work of art. You may be a gifted teacher. Cultivate non-judgement, Higher awareness, and patience. Learn to wait for that special moment which makes real communication possible.
4th House
Your greatest joy will come from nourishing beginnings. You understand the need to nourish the seeds to fruition and derive great satisfaction from doing so. Cultivate a strong inner foundation from which you can give birth to all your creative endeavors. You'll always find delight in those first steps. Your fortune can come from a parent, heritage, or ancestors or it may rest in the fulfillment that is derived from being in touch with the roots of the soul.
5th House
Your joy is in your personal creations--all that is created is an outgrowth of your awareness of self. Your gift is the ability to manifest your dreams. You've heard the saying, be careful what you wish for? It applies to you. Cultivate all forms of creative self-expression. Don't talk about it, DO it. Your fortune will come from putting your energy into that which makes your heart dance.
6th House
Your joy is derived from the efficient use of your time and energy. You are not one to procrastinate or to ignore or neglect seeing to the details of everyday life. You're happiest when everything is in order: the bills are paid on time, the garbage is taken out, and the dishes are clean. Your gift is your ability to organize. Cultivate discrimination and your service-oriented nature. You may experience fortune in finding meaningful work or experiencing good physical health throughout your life.
7th House
Your greatest joy comes from the committed relationships or partnerships you form with others. Your fortune is in unity. You have the gift of putting others in touch with their own sense of well-being and happiness. You are sensitive to the needs of others and have an innate sense of win-win diplomacy. Cultivate a union with your self and gift this world with that harmony. It is those people with whom you form committed relationships that will either highlight your path to fortune or bring your fortune to you.
8th House
Your greatest joy comes from rebirth. You experience joy each time you release that which is no longer of value, usefulness, or meaning to you. Cultivate openness to others and encourage others to share their deepest selves with you by sharing your deepest self with them. You understand what it means to be the Phoenix--and that death is just one experience within the cycle leading to rebirth.
9th House
Your joy is derived from the discovery of truth. Your understanding of the world embraces that beyond mundane life. You enjoy philosophical discussions and are a perpetual student of life. Cultivate tolerance and an openness to all ways of viewing the world. You are a natural teacher who understands that one is simulaneously teacher and student. Your fortune may be derived in your travels or in embracing that which was once foreign to you.
10th House
Your joy is derived from your indomitable integrity of being and your tenacious refusal to be sidestepped from your goals. You see reality for what it is and live your life as if reality were as you know it ought to be. Cultivate sensitivity, playfulness, and acceptance. Your fortune will be derived from the respect you earn for walking your talk and being the beacon for those who climb the mountain behind you.
11th House
Your joy is derived from your friendships. You understand what it means to be a true friend. You know that friendship forms the basis of all meaningful relationships. That is, a relating rooted in honesty and trust and the understanding that people come together to celebrate their personal and mutual becoming. A true friend assists us in finding our wings. Cultivate openness to the unconventional and unique. Your fortune is in the realization that freedom is not an illusion: it is our birthright.
12th House
Your joy is derived from a loving relationship with your inner self and sense of unity with All. You need periods of solitude and a sanctuary you can call your own. Periods of solitude or meditation sustain your ability to function in the 'everyday world' while staying aligned with the flow of the All. You are able to see clearly the separate parts without losing sight of the whole. Cultivate compassion and forgiveness. Your great fortune is in the realization that wherever you are, you are always home.

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