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Júpiter = pernas = eu expando

Your ability to grasp general principles, as opposed to the specific sense data of Mercury. It also charts our optimism. The sign position of Jupiter shows where we feel most safe and secure and can therefore take advantage of opportunity. This is the quality that is frequently referred to as “good luck”, but is really just “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius.
In Greek Mythology Jupiter was Zeus. As the largest planet of our solar system, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and growth. Jupiter rules the grand scheme of things and is considered the larger than life planet. Jupiter brings good things to the house it occupies in your horoscope. Where your Jupiter is placed is where you will find the side of you that is positive, generous and optimistic. Jupiter's placement in your horoscope is where you are likely to experience excess; therefore, you must be careful not to become lazy.
Jupiter is often described as the Benefactor planet. This planet rules wealth, financial, and material gain. Jupiter will provide you with faith, wisdom, optimism, and confidence in whatever area it is currently transiting within your horoscope. Jupiter's placement in your birth chart is where you think big and bold. This planets also governs loyalty and justice.
Jupiter has rulership over the sign Sagittarius, the sign that governs the 9th house in the natural zodiac.
Jupiter rules the hips, pelvis, thighs and the sciatic nerve. It also governs illness where too much of a good thing are contributing factors.
Jupiter stays in each sign approximately 12 months and takes 12 years to complete its travels through the zodiac. During a Jupiter transit you can expect luck and benefits in a different area (house) of your life every 12 months and that energy will repeat itself every 12 years.

Jupiter in the Houses

amplification, big, capitalism, celebrations, college, courts of law, doctors, expansion, feet, foreign countries furry animals, glory, gluttony, grand, humour, joviality, large, law, legality, luck, ceremonial magic, merchandise, merit, millionaires, monasteries, optimism, orthodoxy, over-indulgence, philanthropy, philosophy, preachers, prestige, professors, profit, pulpits, religion, science, ships, splendour, success, thighs, tin, Thursday, travel, truth, wisdom, religion, priests, The Law, courts and justice, aristocracy, publishing, overseas travel

Júpiter representa o poder, a sabedoria e a razão.
No mapa indica seu setor de sorte, seu ponto de expansão da alma.
Júpiter quando expressado de forma negativa faz nascer o autoritarismo, o preconceito, o sentimento de que tudo “pode”, a prepotência. Enquanto na forma positiva faz nascer o otimismo, a sabedoria e a autoridade imposta por si só.
Na mitologia é representado por Zeus, pai dos Deuses e dos mortais.

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